Sea Together Mag Issue 01
Sea Together Mag Issue 01

Sea Together Mag Issue 01

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Sea Together is an annual, creative (not-for-profit) print publication featuring the stories, opinions, and creativity of women surfers around the world.

Sea Together's goal is to have a bi-annual independent publication to rewrite, unite, and highlight women's surf culture through art, writing, and community. We want to focus on surfing. All our contributors are actual surfers. We value boldness, authenticity, vulnerability, and creativity. We want to transcend boundaries placed upon women surfers in our worldwide patriarchal surf culture. We believe in highlighting women surfers not normally given a space to share their voice or surfing in mainstream surf media.

Sea Together'smission is to empower women surfers worldwide to live as their authentic self and to rise above societal or personal challenges. We celebrate our love for surfing through creative expression, connecting through community, and sharing our individual voices. Sea Together believes there is a space for every woman surfer to express themselves and share their voice. We believe there is a space for everyone to be represented in surfing. There is a space for you.

Sea Together'svision is to print one issue annually (or more) and provide a blog for online community, and to collaborate with surfers, communities, brands, nonprofits, and organizations around the world, combining surfing with environmental education and art. Sea Together envisions joining other surfers that are making waves of change.

Let’s Sea Together everyone in female surfing!


Sea Together: Issue 001 is just under 100 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, and is printed on 100% recycled paper! Issue 001 contains no advertisements. This means that you are supporting a currently grassroots, artist-run, volunteer-based magazine

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