Premium Teeth Whitening Strips

Premium Teeth Whitening Strips

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Enhance your natural smile with PLUS ULTRA's Premium Teeth Whitening Strips. This 14 day teeth whitening treatment includes 28 strips total to make your teeth shine brighter. All of these ingredients range in the 0-2 (safe for the environment) on the EWG (environmental working group’s) website.

There whitening strips are:
Extra gentle on sensitive teeth
Dentist approved 
Enamel Safe
Made with natural mint 

8 Simple Ingredients:
Hydrogen Peroxide (whitening)
Menthol (mint)
Glycerol (flavor)
PVP (adhesive)
Hydroxypropyl cellulose (thickening agent for gel)
PVP-K90 (stain remover)

We specialize in natural beauty and wellness products that are better for you and the planet. Our selections are rooted in the science and wisdom of herbalism. Each and every item has been mindfully chosen to elevate your everyday life with minimal impact on the environment.

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