Matcha Mint Salt Body Scrub

Matcha Mint Salt Body Scrub

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Ginger + Greentea + Mint Salt Scrub is possibly the most ancient of healthy skin and wellness remedies containing beneficial nutrients and minerals.

Ginger is medicine.

Indians and Chinese are believed to have grown ginger as a tonic root for its flavor and fortune for over 5000 years, understanding that Gingerol, as its medicinal substance can be ground and dried to give us its many gifts. With its ginger fragrance soothing the skin like it soothes the stomach, its exceptionally high dosage of Vitamin C and Silicon for healthy skin, hair, nails, and teeth - is one of the most important ‘warming’ herbs in the world. With its anti- bacterial - antifungal and natural antibiotic skills, it acts as an anti-inflammatory skin treatment for eczema and mild skin conditions. As it warms the body from the outside in, it is excellent in summer to increase sweating - so cooling down the body.

Native to Europe’s Mediterranean region Spearmint, with its menthol aroma similar to peppermint, offers a cooling sensation that has a calming effect on the skin as well as the digestive system. Known to reduce body temperature, relieve fatigue, fever and muscle pain in a mint bath this scrub offers a similar gift. Known to be used for skin conditions in Ayurvedic medicine, it is mild when used on the skin and is considered a safe oil for children and people with sensitive skin.

Matcha Green tea has long been used as a traditional high-grade finely ground tea in Japanese culture for 100s of years. This particular Green Tea has become famous for its high antioxidant content with ongoing research into the use of dried young Greentea leaves in healthy skincare products. Matcha Green tea is rich in vitamin C & E and ingredients like caffeine with the antioxidants - polyphenols - Catechins - studied in Japanese experiments - shown to act as a detoxifying immune-stimulating agent with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral capacities – that reduce signs of skin aging. The process of oxidation produces unstable chemicals in the human body called ‘free radicals’ that damage cell membranes. ‘Antioxidants’ are compounds in natural foods that scavenge and neutralize free radicals. Widely respected to protect skin from damage caused by free radicals its transforming antioxidant ‘power’ and hydrating brightening ‘essence’ is easily absorbed into the skin leaving you looking younger!

Sea salt is known to increase circulation; open pores, plump skin, absorb toxins from the skin and exfoliate like a champion. We’ve blended the finest salts with nutritious, super moisturizing organic oils and essential oils of Spearmint & Raw Coconut oil, Ginger root & Matcha powder deliver a deliciously refreshing skin smoothing body scrub. These powerful antioxidant ingredients provide skin-soothing properties, aid in skin renewal, and assist with environmental skin protection.

How To Use:
After dampening your skin, it’s best to turn the shower off, with a couple of small handfuls of ‘Ili, scrub your entire body using moderate pressure in circular motions, loving every inch of yourself. We recommend letting the product be on your skin for a minimum of five minutes—longer if you can. This gives all the amazing properties of our powerful ingredients time to do their thing. Rinse and repeat every few days.

Full Ingredient List:
Hawaiian Sea Salt, Spearmint Essential Oil, Raw Coconut Oil, Organic Sugar, Vitamin E Oil, Matcha Tea, Ginger Powder

3.5 oz. | 100g

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