Wild Fern With Kukui Nut Oil Anointing Body Oil

Wild Fern With Kukui Nut Oil Anointing Body Oil

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This vibrant luscious body oil contains: 2oz of pure wild harvested fern oil, organic grade unrefined Kukui nut oil, & brilliant infant indigenous Hawaiian fern material for added botanical inspiration!

Included in this blend are 49 endemic and indigenous Hawaiian Ferns, all whom correlate to a Principle of Aloha, or a specific human emotion, virtue, or trait.

Aroma is woody with slight floral undertone.

Great as a cologne or perfume, but also very beneficial for going into meditation, trance, and prayer specifically to interact with your emotions and virtues.

Kukui Nut Oil has been known to be highly medicinal for skin conditions such as rash, burns, eczema & irritations.

The aroma of Fern Blend is known to change depending on what Principle (emotion, trait, virtue) you are having dialogue with. This individual fern will extract itself from the others to make its presence known.

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