Palo Santo Lavender Meditation/Body Oil

Palo Santo Lavender Meditation/Body Oil

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Create intention for energy clearing and calming nerves with these healing herbs. Palo Santo, A.K.A. holy wood, is energetically cleansing and healing in that it keeps energies grounded and clear. It also stimulates the immune system and combats inflammation. Lavender helps calm the nerves and is an antidepressant.

How To Use:
Apply a few drops of this magic oil gently to each chakra center for a full cleanse*

Full Ingredient List:
HERBS [ infused in oil ] :: Palo Santo // Lavender

OILS :: Sweet Almond // Grapeseed // Jojoba // Argan // Apricot // Olive

ESSENTIAL OILS :: Palo Santo // Lavender


1 fl oz - glass bottle 

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