Oum Oil
Oum Oil
Oum Oil

Oum Oil

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An infusion of ancestral plants that tend to the skin with profound + gentle nourishment. May these plants pull you into a deep connection with the energies of above (Frankincense), below (Cedar), + within (Rose) while tending to your skin with their ancient healing properties. Habibi.

Oum means mother in Arabic - and was created as an ode to my motherland of the SWANA region.

This oil is essential oil free and is a beautiful oil for mothers + mothers-to-be as the Frankincense is an ally for stretch marks, rose soothes + hydrates, and cedar grounds and anchors you.

Imagine: Sitting on the cedar forest floor, your back leaned on the trunk of an Ancient Cedar tree. Frankincense smoke carries up the mountain from the village below, and the smell of Rose perfume lingers on the shoulder of your blouse. Remembrances of your ancestors, of home, of love. Here you feel deeply connected to the earth below, spirit above, and the center of your heart. Here you are anchored in your truth, of where you come from and where you are going.

Full Ingredient List

Cedar Leaf*, Frankincense*, Rose*, Jojoba Oil*~+, Sunflower Oil*, Olive Oil*~+, Vitamin E Oil*, Rose Absolute.

*Organic / ~Cold Pressed / +Unrefined


All Meraki Nomad botanical oils are organic whole plant infusions - meaning, the entire plant is placed in high-quality carrier oils and infused for 1+ moon cycle. In this traditional + ancient process, all of the plant’s medicinal chemical constituents are extracted and transferred into the oil - providing a rich, full-bodied healing After the infusion is strained, very light essential oils are added to heighten the scent and aromatherapy energy of the plants.

3.4 oz.

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