Oil of Sisters Body Oil
Oil of Sisters Body Oil

Oil of Sisters Body Oil

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An intimate infusion of plant allies gathered to soften, heal, hold, and bring radiance to the skin + auric field.

May you wear this oil and feel beautiful in your unique vessel.

Essence: Lying naked on a silk blanket in a field of roses with your soul sisters. feeling raw, wild, & beautiful just as you are. deeply relaxed here, sharing your dreams + worries, letting the flowers + your sisters hold it all for you. feeling so held, seen, & received by the essence of the feminine. Here you can shine in as your most sensual + radiant self.

How To Use:
Apply directly after the shower while your skin is still damp for optimal absorption. Tend to your skin, nervous system, and energy through a Body Oiling Ritual. Simply lather yourself in any way, anywhere, any time. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Full Ingredient List:
Tulsi (Holy Basil)*, Rose*, Calendula*, Lavender*, Kava Kava*, Olive Oil*~+, Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*~+, Rosehip Seed Oil*~+, Vitamin E Oil*+, Rose Absolute, Bergamot FCF EO*, Geranium EO*, Ylang-ylang EO*, Lavender EO*
*Organic | ~Cold Pressed | +Unrefined

Ingredient Highlights:
Calendula’s sun-child energy heals, soothes, & evens out the skin, encouraging you to joyfully glow like the sun. Ancient Grandmother Healers Tulsi + Rose come together to raise your vibration, nourish, hydrate, protect the skin, & beautify. Lavender + Kava deeply relax, ease stress, relieve tension in the body, & settle you into receiving; Allowing you to tap into your intuition from a place of rootedness & comfort.

3.4 oz

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