Kokee Sunscreen
Kokee Sunscreen

Kokee Sunscreen

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Hand made on the amazing island of Kauai. Natural sunscreen to protect our ocean & skin! All Natural ingredients that just melt into your skin, great for face or body use for a fun day in the sun.

Benefits of Koke'e

Sandalwood Oil- natural aphrodisiac, calms anxiety, fights viral infections, boosts memory, tightens skin, anti-inflammatory, protects against sun damage

Fir Needle Oil- prevents infections, relieves pain/inflammation, relaxes muscles, detoxifies

Cinnamon- treats acne, moisturizes, heals eczema, kills bacteria, enhances complexion

Benefits of MńĀmalu sunscreen-

Coconut Oil- SPF 6-8, softens skin, treats acne, psoriasis and eczema

Macadamia Nut Oil- SPF 6, smoothes wrinkles, helps cells regenerate, calms redness/itchiness, full of Vitamin A

Raspberry Seed Oil- SPF 40-50, repairs/prevents sun damage/wrinkles, anti-inflammatory, calms irritated skin

Carrot Seed Oil- SPF 40, fights cancer, kills bacteria, moisturizes, full of antioxidants

Almond Oil- SPF 5, prevents acne, treats rashes, moisturizes skin, relieves muscle aches

Zinc Oxide- SPF 25-30, protection from skin cancer, treats acne/inflammation, heals wounds/rashes

Beeswax- locks in moisture, antibacterial, soothes itchy skin, exfoliates

Shea Butter- SPF 6, treats acne, moisturizes, reduces skin inflammation/itchiness/stretch marks/wrinkles

Mango Butter- soothes sunburns and itchy skin, heals scars, treats eczema/psoriasis, fights acne, reduces wrinkles

Cacao Butter- fights signs of aging, heals/smoothes skin, soothes burns, fights infections, calls rashes

We specialize in natural beauty and wellness products that are better for you and the planet. Our selections are rooted in the science and wisdom of herbalism. Each and every item has been mindfully chosen to elevate your everyday life with minimal impact on the environment.

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