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5 Ayruveda Rituals for Daily Vitality
Lady Entreprenuers & Innovators of Kaua'i May Smoothie Meet Up
​​​​​​​​ Saturday, April 27th
9:30 am - 10:30 am

Celebrate your health , natural beauty , and inner radiance by learning essential daily self-care routines that support your health & well-being! Discover the fundamentals of Ayurveda and how this holistic system helps you create health & vitality! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of this ancient medicine and 5 rituals that nourish the mind + body +spirit through live demonstration & conversation.


- Morning Routines for Health + Beauty
- Rituals for Longevity
- Discover Vata / Pitta / Kapha
- Doshic Quiz (Imbalances)
- How to balance VPK through movement
*Wear comfortable clothing

Early Bird Special: $30
Walk In's Welcome: $35

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Saturday, May 4th
9am - 10am

Lady Entreprenuers and Innovators of Kaua'i, also known as L/E+I, is a community of women who have monthly meetups around Kaua'i. This movement was founded by Bria Greer, who believes in the power of community and colladoration between lady bosses. We are so happy to announce Lilikoi Luxe is the location for the brand new Eastside meetups! This centrally located meeting is offered on the weekends for those who's M-F schedules cannot accomodate the other meetups.

We create conversations that foster discovery, creativity and economic opportunities in the context of community. 
 We strive to nourish deeper connections among our lady entrepreneurs and innovators through gatherings, business/personal development workshops and events that are a platform for new collaborations.

Come early, grab a smoothie next door, and join this month's L/E+I Kaua'i gathering!

No RSVP is required but please reach out if you have any questions by emailing [email protected] .

See you at 9am, we look forward to meeting you!

Jade Roller & Gua Sha
Facial Massage Tool Masterclass
Basic Knife Skills & Energy Tools
Saturday, May 11th
5:30pm - 7pm


This facial massage tool masterclass will be taught by Diana Penchoff,  Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist who lives and teaches a life of anti-aging therapy. 

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese treatment that helps to improve QI (energy) and blood flow to the face and body. You will learn tips, tricks, and techniques on how to use this special tool to rejuvenate the beauty of your face. This class will teach you how to use a Jade Roller and Jade Gua Sha Stone to take care of the most important person in your life….YOU! 

The techniques you will learn will improve:
Pigmentation issues
Wrinkle Reduction
Facial Tension
Skin Metabolism

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Saturday, May 25th
9am - 10:30am

Learn the fundamentals of good knife skills from an Ayurvedic chef. Kela Yzeiraj of Sweetfern Living, will teach you effective body postures and energy management tools for the kitchen. From brunoise to julienne, you will also master a range of essential cutting techniques, how to
maintain/clean your knives and cutting boards.

Class Goals:
-Learn effective posture and energy management tools in the kitchen.
-Explore a range of cutting techniques for safety, efficiency, and beauty.

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Are you interested in teaching something you are passionate about at Lilikoi Luxe?
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